still life paintings         This is a selection of my studio paintings.            For more information on these, please use the 'contact' page.

DSCF1206 (2).JPG
The White Jug, oil on canvas, 64x68 cms
DSCF1207 (2).JPG
DSCF1208 (2).JPG
Tall Pot and Jug, oil on canvas, 64x68 cms
DSCF1209 (2).JPG
Jug and Vase, oil on canvas,45x53cms
The Green Table, oil on canvas, 64x68cms
DSCF1218 (3).JPG
Pots and Mirror,oil on canvas, 46 x 54cms
Pink Pot and Fruit. Oil on Canvas. 69 x 64cms
DSCF1214 (2).JPG
Grey Still Life, oil on canvas, 64 x 69 cms
Blue Pots. Oil on Canvas, 64 x 69cms.
Fruit and Pot, Mixed Media on
Paper, 62 x 30cms
Purple Jug. Oil on Canvas, 69 x 64cms.
Blue Still Life with Pear. Oil on Canvas. 53 x 46cms
The Square Plate, Mixed Media
on Paper, 45 x 37cms.