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still life paintings         This is a selection of my studio paintings.            For more information on these, please use the 'contact' page.

DSCF1245 (3).JPG

The Tall Jug. Mixed Media - Paper. 89cms x 68cms 

DSCF1218 (3).JPG
Red Still Life,oil on canvas, 46 x 54cms
DSCF1208 (2).JPG
Tall Pot and Jug, oil on canvas, 64x68 cms
DSCF1207 (2).JPG
The Green Table, oil on canvas, 64x68cms

The Blue Vase. Oil on Canvas.

           63cms x 69cms.

 Blue Jug. Oil on Canvas.

        53cms x 46cms.

Tall Jug with Apple. Oil on Canvas

               85cms x 73cms.

Red Table. Oil on Canvas.

        69cms x 63cms.

DSCF1266 (2).JPG

Yellow Fruit, Oil on Canvas, 75cms x 40cms 

Purple Jug. Oil on Canvas, 69 x 64cms.
DSCF1214 (2).JPG
Grey Still Life, oil on canvas, 64 x 69 cms
Fruit and Pot, Mixed Media on
Paper, 62 x 30cms
Pink Pot and Fruit. Oil on Canvas. 69 x 64cms
Blue Still Life with Pear. Oil on Canvas. 53 x 46cms
The Square Plate, Mixed Media
on Paper, 45 x 37cms.
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